5020 MkII Stereo FET Limiter IN STOCK NOW

5020 Stereo FET Limiter MkII
5020 Stereo FET Limiter MkII
5020 Stereo FET Limiter MkII
5020 Stereo FET Limiter MkII
5020 Stereo FET Limiter MkII

5020 Stereo FET Limiter MkII

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With the MkII revision, the 5020 retains its signature sound and gains a new robust chassis, universal power supply, and improved build quality. Now in stock!

CRUSHING Limiter Action

Many modern compressors are designed to be unobtrusive, transparent, and inoffensive to source material. This is not one of those compressors. The 5020 has been specially designed to smash your drum bus into pieces and glue it back together again with aggressive JFET limiting action. Tracks which were once dull and lifeless can be resurrected from the proverbial grave by the 5020’s ability to bring out room sounds and resonance. With a comprehensive feature set, the 5020’s controlled chaos can be dialed in to add the perfect amount of excitement and motion to a mix.

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  • ‘Character’ compression linearity control
  • Blend control for parallel processing
  • True hardware bypass
  • AC and DC mode stereo link options
  • Unlinked independent stereo mode
  • Side chain high pass filters at 250 Hz and 100 Hz
  • Instantaneous gain reduction, average gain reduction, and output level meter modes
  • Fully balanced I/O connections with THAT Corp 1200 and 1600 series differential amplifiers
  • Attack times ranging from extremely fast--on the scale of microseconds--to a moderate 50 ms
  • Release times from 51 ms to 1 s
  • Up to 40 dB make-up gain

CHARACTER – ‘Character’ is a unique, combined control of ratio and linearity intended for creative use to enhance the musicality of source material. Increasing the Character setting from 0 to 10 slightly lowers the compression ratio while simultaneously re-shaping the knee of the compression curve. Set to 0, the compression curve is highly linear and the ratio is high—easily allowing for more than -20dB of clean gain reduction. When set to 10 the compression ratio is dynamic and the resulting sound is intense and colorful due to subtle harmonic distortion. The Input control is provided to be used in tandem with the Character control so that the various compression curves offered by the Character control can be applied at a range of signal levels.